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Learn what it takes to Build Your Own Fencing System or How-To Hire the Right Person for Your Project

Metal Fence Systems for Home and Garden Projects

Fencing comes in many shapes, styles, heights, thicknesses, and colors, so do their costs.

"How Much Does Chain Link Cost Per Foot?" is a question we hear all the time. It's the wrong question to ask because of the following:

 Average Cost of Chain Link Per/Ft. assumes there is a Standard Chain Link Fence Size, however there is not. Chain-link fence builders and professionals evaluate each project on a per/project basis and use their knowledge in fencing to select the most common fence type for your project.

ASTM, American Standards for Testing and Materials, does set common commercial standards for fencing. Yes, there are known industry standards for everything from tennis courts to field fences. Homeownership standards ultimately depend on the home owner, local laws, and the type of project (kennel, perimeter, home security, etc.)

This topic of fencing for homeowners is our two cents on how to approach fences when choosing and building one at your house, whether yourself or with professionals.