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Brace Band - Black Poly Coated

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Black poly-coated Brace Bands (Galv. Core)

Size = Choose from drop down menu (1-3/8" to 6-5/8")

Overview of Coated Bands

Brace bands are required for the secure installation of any permanent chain link fence. They provide an anchoring point for the horizontal framework and are designed to work with a Carriage Bolt. The bolt holes boast a square shape for the square head of the bolt to remain in place, allowing for a hex nut to be tightened on the opposite side. These bands offer extra protection, featuring a poly-coated exterior over a galvanized steel core; the hot-dip galvanized layer ensures the part withstands weather extremes for 25 years.


How do I know what size brace band I need for my fence?

The two most common ways to find the size needed is as follows:

-If you are trying to measure the size of a band you already have. Pinch the two ends of the band together and measure the INSIDE of the band.

-If you have the post you are going to mount the band, simply measure the OUTSIDE of the post.

Where do I find the brace band on my fence, where does it go?

Brace bands can most often be found in 1 of 3 places, if not all three. They will be on the bottom of each terminal post, the top of each terminal post, or mounted on a line post that has a horizontal or diagonal pipe braced between it and a terminal post. When in doubt as to where the brace band goes on your fence remember the name, "Brace Band." You can find a brace band anywhere your fence has bracing (in theory).

How do I attach the brace band to my chain link fence?

Brace bands can be slid over the top of a post and mounted in place by inserting a carriage bolt and tightening it with a hex nut and ratchet.

How do I attach a brace band to my chain link fence that already has other items mounted to it?

Brace bands can be bent open with a pair of pliers or by hand (depending on the person). Simply open grab each end of the brace band and apply pressure in a pulling motion. Once open, wrap the band around the post at the desired location. Next, squeeze the two ends back together, by hand or with pliers. Insert a carriage bolt and tighten.

What mounts to a brace band?

Brace bands support the bracing framework in every section of fencing. Most often rail ends, tension or barbed wire are mounted with a brace band.