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Concrete Sleeve Anchor 2 1/4" x 1/2"

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Concrete Sleeve Anchor - Expansion Bolt

Key Features:

  • Minimum hole fixture diameter 
  • Wrench nut size 
  • Bit Size is 
  • Diameter 
  • Length  (embedment length does not include washer and nut)
  • Expansion / One Way Concrete Anchor
  • Hex Head creates even 360 expansion when tightened
  • Zinc plated all steel heavy duty components
  • Assembled and ready to use, turn-key fast easy install
  • Common applications include: fencing, flange mounting, plate mounting, track mounting, etc.

Sleeve Anchor Description:


Sleeve Anchors for Chain Link Fence have the same properties as those used for other fixture mountings. However, each industry has its own ASTM minimum embedment requirements, suggested uses, etc. This type of sleeve anchor or a 2 1/4" hex sleeve anchor with a 1/2" diameter is commonly used for steel woven wire mesh fencing applications and chain link and metal fencing.


How Do Concrete Anchors or Expansion Bolts Work?


Contractors begin by marking the position of the anchor on the concrete, wall, masonry, etc. Then, they use a rotary hammer to drill a hole into the concrete. After inserting the fixture, the anchor is inserted and the hex nut is secured by turning the bolt in a 360å¡ motion. As the bolt turns, the anchor's sleeve is pushed downward until it meets the beveled bottom of the anchor. The bevel expands the sleeve diameter, creating an anchor. Thus, these are known as sleeve anchors or expansion bolts.