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Concrete Sleeve Anchor 3" x 5/8"

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Concrete Sleeve Anchor - Expansion Bolt

Key Features:

  • Minimum hole fixture diameter 3/4"
  • Wrench nut size 15/16"
  • Bit Size is 5/8"
  • Diameter 5/8"
  • Length 3" (embedment length does not include washer and nut)
  • Expansion / One Way Concrete Anchor
  • Hex Head creates even 360å¡ expansion when tightened
  • Zinc plated all steel heavy duty components
  • Assembled and ready to use, turn-key fast easy install
  • Common applications include: fencing, flange mounting, plate mounting, track mounting, etc.

Sleeve Anchor Description:


Sleeve Anchors for Chain Link Fences operate similarly to other fixture mounting applications. Each industry has its own set of ASTM minimum embedment and recommended applications. These Anchors, or the 1/2" x 2 1/4" Hex Sleeve Anchor, are typically used for steel woven wire mesh fencing applications in common chain link and metal fencing.


How Do Concrete Anchors or Expansion Bolts Work?


Contractors mark the embedding area of the anchor in concrete, wall, masonry, etc. A rotary hammer drill forms a hole for the fixture to sit between the anchor and concrete surface. The hex nut is tightened to rotate 360å¡ and turn the bolt, pushing the sleeve portion towards the bevel at the bottom of the anchor. The bevel's larger diameter expands the sleeve as the hex nut is tightened so the sleeve meets the bevel, creating an anchor (or expansion bolt).