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D&D LokkBolt - LB118BX-KSA

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18" Lockable Cane bolt for square frame gates

  • SKU:  LB118BX-KSA
  • Weight (in Lbs): 2.6000
  • Bolt Length: 18"
  • Material of Bolt: Stainless Steel
  • Material of Housing: Engineered Polymer
  • Gate/Post Profile: Square Post, Square Gate Frame
  • Installation Type: Bolt On
  • Lockable: Key Lockable


Quick and simple to install on all gate and fence materials, there are models specifically designed for metal, wood and vinyl gates with extra fixings to bolster strength. Clever bolt retention grooves ensure the cane-bolt will not drift, warp, bend or grind into driveways. An optional Base Plate is also available for further anchorage of the ground hole. Furthermore, re-keyable 6-pin locks are keyed-alike alongside other D&D products with similar locks.