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Echelon Plus Fences and Gates

por Ameristar
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Echelon Plus is designed with sleekness and superior quality, and its construction is compliant with International Building Code (IBC) standards.

Echelon Plus elevates the craftsmanship and functioning of aluminum ornamentation fencing. Reinforced posts and rails contribute to improved strength, and the high-quality powder coating adds durability, making Echelon Plus the most solid .75" ornamental picket product available.

  • Adheres to International Building Code 2018 Specifications for Handrail & Guards Strength
  • Standard 8 ft. panels yield project savings
  • Revamped rail for amplified strength and peak load capability

Echelon Plus aluminum fencing is the peak of residential and light commercial ornamental aluminum fence technology. Its ForeRunner rail system enables the fence to adjust to inclines while offering secure boundaries. This excellent neighbor profile product offers the classic wrought-iron look without the need for regular upkeep, in contrast to regular aluminum fences.