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SHUT IT CI3850 BadAss Self-Closing Hinge Kit

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Self-Closing BadAss Hinge Set - CI3850


Shut-It Gate Hardware's Self Closing CI3850 Hinge Kit includes (x1) self-closing hinge and (x1) Original BadAss Gate Hinge (CI3000), keeping gates closed without needing additional closers or aftermarket add-ons. This kit, rated to self-close gates weighing up to 300LBS, features adjustable tension with 5 different settings and a minimum gate gap of 2-1/2" and a maximum gap of 2-7/8". The tensioning key is included.

Key Features

  • Includes: (x1) Self Closing Hinge (CI3850), (x1) BadAss (CI3000) hinge, (x1) adjustment key wrench and instructions
  • Adjustable Gate Gap: YES 
  • Minimum Gate Gap: 2-1/2"
  • Maximum Gate Gap: 2-7/8" 
  • Adjustable Tension: YES, 5 settings
  • Maximum Load Rating: Hinges Rated at 2,000 LBS
  • Maximum Self-Closing Gate Weight: 300 LBS
  • Rust Resistant: YES
  • Protective Coating: YES, Zinc
  • Installation Method: Weld-on
  • Made Of: Steel 
  • Warranty: YES


Product Data Sheet

Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Installation Instructions