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SHUT IT CI3860FM Self-Closing Bolt-On BadAss Hinge Set

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Self-Closing Bolt-On BadAss Hinge Set - CI3860FM 


This self-closing face mount gate hinge offers comprehensive 180°gate opening, providing as little as 1/2" gate gap for an unobstructed pathway. Fasten-on and bolt-on models are available, while the adjustable gate gap of 0.5" to 1" ensures added protection and symmetrical balance when utilising small gap latches. Sealed bearings require no greasing or upkeep. Ever.

Key Features

  • • Opens to 180° for unobstructed pass through
    • Achieve gate gaps as small as 1⁄2“ (13mm)
    • Horizontally adjustable 1⁄2“ to 1” for precise installation
    • Both weld-on and bolt-on models available
    No greasing or maintenance required on sealed bearings. EVER!
    • Horizontal adjustability is ideal for panic bar installations
    • Self-closing maximum gate weight: 440 lb (with 2 closers) CI3835FM or CI3825FM
    • Self-closing maximum gate weight: 300 lb (with a closer and plain hinge set)
    • 5 tension-adjustment settings
    • ADA suitable