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SHUT IT CI3850R BadAss Self-Closing Hinge Kit for Round Posts

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Self-Closing BadAss Hinge Set - CI3850R 


The SHUT IT CI3850R BadAss Self-Closing Hinge Kit for Round Posts integrates a high-quality gate hinge and reliable closer in one convenient package. Avoid the cost and inconsistencies that come with using separate closers or hydraulic door closers adapted to gate systems. Save hundreds with this innovative product.

Key Features

  • Post and gate frame mounting brackets are concaved – for quicker installation.
    • No adaptors needed – clean finish, great looking!
    • Save time and money – no adaptor fabrication costs and fewer welds!
    • Easy to install, heavy duty weld-on gate hinges
    • Horizontally adjustable for perfect installations
    • No greasing or maintenance required on sealed bearings. EVER!
    • Self-closing maximum gate weight: 440 lb (with 2 closers CI3825R)
    • Self-closing maximum gate weight: 300 lb (with a closer & plain hinge set CI3850R)
    • CI3000R maximum gate weight: 1,100 lb (pair)
    • 5 tension-adjustment settings
    • Tested to over 1 Million Open/Close cycles
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty


Product Data Sheet

Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Installation Instructions