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Locinox Tiger Self Closing Hinge

por Locinox
Color: Silver
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Tiger Hinge Set - Self Closing Hinges


Locinox's Tiger hinge set and the Mammoth hinge set share design, installation, and operational similarities. However, the Tiger hinge set bears lower weight capacity in comparison.

Key Features: 

  • For gates up to 165 LBs
  • For gates measuring up to 3.5' Ft wide.
  • 5/8" horizontal adjustment tolerance
  • 3/4" vertical adjustment tolerance
  • 180 degree opening Hinge Spread
  • Compatible with right or left hand opening gates
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Installation template included (sticker)
  • Snap Close Finish
  • Weather proof up to -22F to 160F

Manufactured by Locinox click here to view Locinox's Product Page

Components:•Stainless Steel Mechanical Internal Parts, Aluminum Finish, Hardened Plastic caps

VIDEO: How-To Install

Locinox - Tiger Installation Movie from Locinox on Vimeo.