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Slatted Chain Link: Western Wire, Woven Wire, PDS, & Industrial Slats

Slatted Chain Link: Western Wire, Woven Wire, PDS, & Industrial Slats

Slatted Chain Link Fencing is a perfect fence solution for those in search of a happy medium between chain link and wood fences. Aside from the popular industrial and commercial uses of slatted fence, also known as pre-woven slatted fencing, western wire, industrial slatted, and PDS, many homeowners install it around their property to enjoy the benefits it provides.


Fence Slats Added Benefits Include:


A chain link fence alone is bare and exposes your personal property to any one looking in. Slatted fencing provides a layer of privacy that keeps by-passers from viewing your yard and property.



The durability of slatted chain link fencing serves as a powerful barrier around your home. This is a great solution to deter trespassers and break-ins because it is difficult to climb or cut through. Removing slats requires untwisting the ends of the fence, removing a security fastener, and then sliding the plastic slat out of the fence - a task that is not easily done while the fence is tightly stretched between posts. Slatted chain link is a favorite among those in looking for a fence that provides an additional layer of security to protect assets and property.

Once installed, slatted chain link fences require minimal maintenance or added work. Unlike a wooden fence, there is no need to stain or paint the fence. In addition, there are no termites or animals to worry about eating away at the fence.
If needed, slats can be washed off by using water straight from the hose.



Slatted chain link fencing comes is available in multiple colors. Most popular are brown, black, red, green, and beige. Additional options like white and white are available. Often these types of colors are special order and available from most retail fence suppliers. Customers can expect to wait an additional 2 to 4 weeks for non-stocked colors - subject of course to the actual manufacturing of the plastic slat and chain link wire mesh.


Woven Fence Slat Concerns

Industrial Slatted Cost (fence rolls only)

Weaving Slatted fence is more expensive than weaving chain link fencing. Why is this pre-woven type of fence more expensive?
Slatted Chain Link comes in a standard thickness of 9 gauge. Mainly, slat fence requires the support from the thicker wire in order to support attached slats. Yes, each slat is attached to the physical wire by use of a fence staple. The fence staple is often found at the top or bottom of the fence and must be removed in order to remove a slat. Also, the wire must be thick because of the wind load created by the slats.

*Wind conditions MUST be considered I cannot stress enough the importance of accounting for high wind potential. There are several ways to reinforce a slatted chain link fence to withstand heavy winds, some of the most common are listed below.

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