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Fence Ties

Color: Galvanized Steel
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Galvanized steel fence ties are essential in maintaining the structural integrity of a chain link fence, binding the fabric to its vertical line posts, horizontal top rail, and gate framework. Specifically, ties ensure chain link fabric is securely fastened, deterring attempts to force entry or unexpectedly detach the bottom/top portion of the fabric.

How do you install fence ties?

Secure the end of the fencing tie via pliers to the top or bottom of the chain link fence, wrap the tie around the posts or framework, and twist the long end of the tie encircling the mesh till it forms a "C" shape.

How many ties will I need?

Typically, one fence tie should be used for every 12-18" of chain link fence; for example, 150 ft. of fence would require 100-150 ties.

How do I select the best length and gauge of fence tie for my project?

Different lengths and gauges are available when picking fence ties for your project. Our Gauge & Size Charts act as a reference point for standard fence tie applications.

Gauge Chart:

Fence Type Recommended Thickness (Gauge)
Residential Fence 12 GA
Commercial Fence 11 GA
Industrial Fence 9 GA


9 GA ties are regularly utilized in industrial and commercial applications as they are significantly sturdier, more secure, and harder to disconnect. 11 GA is generally favored in residential applications, whereas 12 GA material finds frequent use in temporary or construction scenarios.

Length Chart:

Pipe Outside Diameter (in.)

Recommended Length (in.)
1 3/8" to 1 5/8" 6 1/2"
1 7/8" to 2 3/8" 7 1/2" or 8"
2 7/8" 10"
3 1/2" - 4" 12"

**NOTE: It is always advisable to consult customers, authorities, local ordinances, and other sources to ensure compliance with any established standards.