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Tension Band

Color: Galvanized Steel
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Tension bands provide a secure link in any permanent chain link fence installation, maintaining tension. Compatible with a Carriage Bolt, they have a tension bar slot and a square-shaped bolt hole to accommodate the carriage bolt head. With a galvanized steel core, hot-dip galvanize coating offers up to 25 years' protection from harsh elements.


What Size Tension Band Do I Need for My Fence?

Here are two simple methods for determining band size requirements:

  • Gauge the size of an already-existing band by squeezing both ends together and measuring the interior of the band; or
  • If you have a post to attach the band to, simply measure the exterior/outside of the post.

Where do I find the tension band on my fence, where does it go? 

The tension band is installed at the beginning and end of each chain link fencing section, secured to the tension bar -- a flat metal strip inserted through the wire mesh. The band is shaped like an inverted "R".

How do I attach the tension band to my chain link fence?

Tension bands are secured by sliding them over a post, placing them at the desired level, and then fastening using a carriage bolt, hex nut, and ratchet.

How do I attach a tension band to my chain link fence if it already has other items attached to it?

Open the tension band using pliers or by hand, pull apart each end, wrap around the post, compress the ends, insert carriage bolt, and tighten.

What side do I mount the tension band?

The long side of the tension band should be installed to the exterior of the chain link fence for greater security; carriage bolts can then be inserted from the outside, accessible only from the interior of the fence.