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Gripple Badger 3 (5/32" Cable Diameter)

by Gripple
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Gripple Anchor (5/32inch Cable) - Badger 3 - 4ft Length


Gripple's Badger 3 Ground Anchors designed for use with Gripple's GPAK3 bracing kits. Ground Anchors in the Badger-3 model use a 5/32inch diameter cable, available in a 4ft length. Anchor kits are made from Stainless Steel Cable, Aluminum Fasteners, and Aluminum Anchors. Each Badger is driven into the ground in a vertical position by using a drive rod. Once buried at the desired depth, pull up on the cable to engage the anchor to engage the anchor into a horizontal position, within the ground. 

Key Product Features:

  • Cable Diameter: 5/32inch 
  • Rust Resistant: YES
  • Manufactured By: Gripple Inc.
  • Country of Origin: Made in England
  • Component: Aluminum and Stainless Steel Cable
  • Common Use: Anchoring End Or Terminal Posts
  • Includes: Badger Anchor, Instructions, and Free Stickers


Video On How-To Use Gripple Badger Anchors: