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Gripple Plus Small (17-13 Gauge)

by Gripple
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Gripple Small Wire Joiner is ideal for connecting spliced wire, often found in trellising, field, electrical, agricultural, and chain link fencing. Each Gripple is adjustable and all orders included a release key.

Key Features:

  • Size: Small
  • Capacity: 17-13 Gauge Wire
  • Working Load: 660LBS
  • Component: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, & Nylon
  • Common Application: Plain wire, trellis wire, field fence, or electrical fence
  • Includes: Release Key and Gripple Fasteners

How Do They Work?

The Gripple itself is an aluminum cast fitting that contains an internal push-pull system that allows for the fitting to freely slide onto the wire in one direction. Adjustment can be made by using the release key, allowing the fitting to freely slide into position until the key is removed.