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Brace Band

Color: Galvanized Steel
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Brace Bands are essential for permanent chain link fence installation, providing a secure anchor point for the bracing framework of each section. Each band features square-shaped bolt holes for a carriage bolt to fit in and be fastened with a hex nut. Their hot-dip galvanized coating ensures they can endure harsh weather for up to 25 years.



What Size Brace Band Do I Need for My Fence?

 Here are two simple methods for determining band size requirements:

  • Gauge the size of an already-existing band by squeezing both ends together and measuring the interior of the band; or
  • If you have a post to attach the band to, simply measure the exterior/outside of the post.

Where is the optimal placement for the Brace Band on my fence?

Brace bands are typically located on the bottom and top of each terminal post or mounted on a line post with horizontal or diagonal support. An easy way to remember where to place brace bands is to remember their name. Brace bands should be found on any post with bracing.

How do I attach the brace band to my chain link fence?

Tension bands are secured by sliding them over a post, placing them at the desired level, and then fastening using a carriage bolt, hex nut, and ratchet. 

What is the best way to attach a Brace Band to a chain link fence that has been previously used to mount other items?


Brace bands can be opened with the aid of pliers or manually, depending on the strength of the individual. To do so, grip both ends and pull, creating an opening. Place the band around the designated post, then bring the two ends back together. Securely tighten a carriage bolt to finish.

What mounts to a brace band?

Brace bands are essential for properly mounting rail ends, tension wire, and/or barbed wire within a chain link fence.