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Bull Dog Gate Hinges Galvanized

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Chain Link Gate Hinges, Galvanized

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Bulldog Chain Link Gate Hinges are ideal for heavy-duty and commercial fencing sites. Each Bulldog Hinge offers reliable rigidity, able to bear significant weight in oversized gates.

*Fits gate frame sizes 1-5/8" and 1-7/8"*

How does a bulldog hinge work on a chain link fence gate?

Bull dog hinges attach directly to the posts. One hinge rests on the ground, while the others mount atop or in the middle of the post. An included U-bolt tightens the hinge to the post. To fit the gate frame, remove the back of the top hinge. This allows the frame to fit. The top hinge serves as a guide and has some play. The weight of the gate rests on the lower hinge, dispersing it into the ground. The gate must have a protrusion of 1" or 2" to fit into the top of the hinge. Add a bottom ball if the gate lacks an extension.