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Black Coated Dome Top Post Cap

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Round Chain Link Dome Top Cap, Black Coated

*Mounts over the outside of the post

Dome Top Caps, also known as dome tops, are used to cover the open end of bollards, pipe, fence posts, poles, etc. A black poly coating is covering each one of the pressed steel toppers in order to provide a rigid fitting that will withstand even the most brutal of weather.


How do I install these caps?

They slide right over the end of your pole, bollard, pipe, or tubing. The hot dip galvanized finish provides a snug fit. In addition, a rubber mallet can be used to further drive the cap on the end of the post or bollard. IfåÊtampering with post caps is a major concern for your application, a self-drilling, and tapping tek-screw can easily mount itself to these caps and ensure they are not removed. *Note, if using a tek-screw be sure to use a hot-dip galvanized screw as steel, black coated, and zinc coated will rust over time.

How do know which size round post cap I need for my bollard or chain link pole?

By measuring the outside of your post, pole, pipe, bollard, or tube. If measuring the existing pole is not an option and you do have the original post cap, measure the inside of the post cap. *Note, the post cap is designed to mount over the OUTSIDE of the pipe. The true size needed will be between 1/16" to 1/8" less than the inside dimension of the post cap.

Can these caps slide INTO the post?

No, dome caps of this style are designed with a skirt that slides over the outside of the pipe. You can try your luck by performing a simple search on google with the words, "galvanized pipe plug cap." We tested it and were able to find several plug suppliers. 

Why does dome tops fit OVER the outside of the pipe and not slide inside?

Dome caps mount on the outside of pipe to eliminate the trapping of water inside the pipe. Galvanized post plugs or pipe plugs allow more water to enter the pipe than skirted dome caps.