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Gripple GPAK-3 (1/8" Cable Diameter)

by Gripple
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Gripple GPAK 3 Vineyard End Post Brace 


Gripple's GPAK-3 post bracing kit is ideal for bracing terminal, end, or line posts in vineyard, berry, orchard or fence applications. GPAK-3 bracing kits used in end post bracing can be used with wood or metal post and are ideal to use with Gripple's Badger-3 Anchor.

Bracing Kit(s) Include:

  • Cable Brace Kit With x1 Cable Brace and x1 Medium Gripple
  • Cable Length Options: 10 Ft, 15 Ft, 20 Ft
  • Cable Thickness: 1/8 Inch Diameter
  • Cable End: "C" Cinched, "L" Looped, "ES" End Stop

Each Order Includes: Gripple Flag Key