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Gripple Plus VIT-S

by Gripple
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Gripple VIT-S Bolt-on Type With Cleat


Gripple's VIT-S is a bolt-on adjustable Gripple that quickly allows wires and cables to be relocated, raised or lowered, independently as crops grow and then removed lowered for easy pruning. Cleats are removable and can be left in original position to allow you to drop the wires down for pruning and then return them to their original position. VIT-S Gripple is ideal for metal end posts with hooks, as the gripple can slide directly onto the hooks without the need for the Cleat. VIT-S Kits can be mounted to metal end posts by using the Cleat with a self-tapping screw, wooden end posts need only use standard wood screws. Both Nylon and High Tensile Wires between the gauges of 17-12.5 gauge are compatible with the VIT-S Gripple.

VIT-S Kits includes the Gripple, Cleat, and Adjustment Key. VIT-S Gripple and VIT-S Cleat are also available by themselves, simply choose the one you need and select your quantity.   

Key Product Features:

  • Wire Capacity: 12.5-17gauge
  • Compatible Wires: Nylon or High Tensile
  • Manufacturer: Gripple, Inc.
  • Country of Origin: England
  • Component: Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Rust Resistant: YES
  • Adjustable: YES, Removable Cleat