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D&D MagnaLatch Vertical Pull - MLV3PKA

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DD Technologies - Magnetic Gate Latch, Vertical Pull - MLV3PKA


The purpose-built MagnaLatch® Vertical Pull Gate Latch, designed and manufactured in Australia, is well-suited for front, pet, side and perimeter gates. Its magnetically triggered latching enhances reliability, minimizing the possibility of jamming or sticking while closing. Installation is fast and straightforward, and the gate will always latch correctly when properly mounted. Crafted from hi-tech polymer and stainless-steel components, the latch is suitable for most gate types and materials.

** CAUTION: This ‘Vertical Pull’ model is not suitable for swimming pool or child safety gates. See the ‘Top Pull” model for such applications.**

Note: be sure to check your local codes and regulations as they vary by location and not all D&D-recommended latches will be appropriate for your purposes!


Key Features:

  • Magnetic latching technology
  • Indicator marks show if adjustment is required
  • Adjustable both vertically and horizontally
  • Visual indicator shows Locked/Unlocked status
  • Warranty: YES


Product Data Sheet

Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty

Fitting Instructions